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Web design
Founder & President

Kirsten Osolind

We had the beginnings of a powerful brand indentity – monochromatic, photo + illustrative imagery complete with already established logo, fonts, messages, infographic elements, photography, and illustrated icons. Winter and Construction adapted and integrated these assets, ideas, and messaging into a new website design. They tweaked deliverables until they met our communication goals and objectives. The result: a strong, defensible brand.

Digital Media Producer

Mathew Wooten

Susan was brought to our institution with a very aggressive list of goals. Not only did she take each one on with enthusiasm, she also implemented several changes to our group’s organization above and beyond her charge. She is a genuine leader. As an added bonus, she is a hand-on designer with rock-star style. She draws inspiration from many diverse sources and incorporates different disciplines in unexpected and refreshing ways. I would be happy to work with her again on any upcoming projects.

Brand dev.
Judah Kurtz

Judah Kurtz

Susan Fireside is my first choice when it comes to design for my business. Over the years, she has expertly and creatively crafted three websites and a set of printed materials that are not only current and relevant in design, but represent my personality and brand as a professional. She listens to my wants and needs, and delivers on my vision — while adding her own point of view to enhance the final product. As a person, she is warm, fun, and thoughtful. I highly recommend Susan Fireside for any project where you want someone who not only has an eye and a brain, but an exceptional ability to execute.


SWC Partners

Susan Fireside is a phenomenal, reliable, big-picture design professional. She’s full of creative ideas. She instantly “gets” your brand and finds ways to make it fresh in any execution, including corporate communication.

Web design


Thank you for helping us reach the finish line for our project. We could always count on your usual promptness and professionalism. I know we weren’t the easiest to work with all of the time, and are grateful for your creative patience. It kept us focused.


Riv Lynch

Susan Fireside is one of the most creative and knowledgeable persons I know. Working with a boutique design studio was simple and stress free. I felt heard and understood from the very first appointment through the final one. The experience was intimate and efficient. Susan was able to put all my thoughts, that seemed confused and scattered, into a brand, an image, that truly expressed my company’s vision. Susan truly cares about her clients and their success, even beyond the project’s completion.


Matt Small

Susan is an awesome person and great to work with. She was always prompt with communication folks and was great about chatting in person, on the phone and working over both phone and email. We had a number of consultants doing different aspects of the site, one person was an audio specialist, one was a back-end database specialist, Susan was the design specialist, etc. Susan was great interfacing with these people and knows how to work great with a team. She paid special attention to our project and went above and beyond. Her really special skill, was that with her experience as a print designer, she really knows how to make something look good and be clear from a design perspective. I’d happily and totally recommend Susan for your project. I initially found her through a recommendation of a friend and she’ll do a great job.

Laura Kina


Susan Fireside is an outstanding and talented designer. She’s easy to work with and communicates her design concepts clearly. We were drawn to her urban chic color sensibilities and modernist geometric forms. She developed a logo, brochure, business cards and website for a small business my husband and I started, a sober living residence for men. We wanted the look to be simple and strong, easy to understand, slightly upscale, masculine and welcoming. Susan’s designs were on point and helped us successfully debut a new business.

Beth Kiely


Susan helped refresh our brand and image as we flowed our way towards a second decade of service to the Chicago yoga community. Susan is all about empowering relationships and connection. Her understanding of nuance and vitality helped us retain our core identity while bringing new life to the positive reputation that Om on the Range had established over the yers. She has a quick, clear and effective way of collaborating that is inclusive and at the same time ensures that the entire team remains on task. Her influence on our company went well beyond all of the marketing material and collateral; her guidance helped us understand and communicate what we are about in a crowded marketspace. Susan keeps it peaceful, purposeful and powerful. We are glad to have her on our Om team.