Sitting at a desk is not inspiring

I got up early to work, and sitting at my desk, very early this morning, I realized nothing was coming. Which is why in a little bit I'm going to go walk around the Botanic Gardens. I need that shift in order to be a better designer today. Sometimes it takes stepping away. Sometimes it's as easy as having a coffee break, reading a story, or talking a walk. I've been lucky to work for people that recognize that. Flat out said, "go to a museum if you need some inspiration." That was in the middle of the day. I've also worked for people that wanted us to be at our desks all the time. If we weren't sitting there, he actually questioned why he was paying us. Recently as part of my thesis, I asked "Where do your best ideas come from?" As you can see, taking that walk might be the best idea I have all all day. Let's hope not.