Multiple companies under one
Rabine Group
One of Chicago's fastest growing companies needed messaging, tone and visual consistency
Project: Website ReDesign Challenge: The Rabine Group has been recognized by Crain’s as one of Chicago’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and is one of INC 500’s top privately held companies for 2011. With a range of services that includes Commercial Paving, Roofing, Fuel and Oil Distribution, Flooring, and Snow Removal, their website was constantly growing, with new services and companies continually being added. Along with new information, there was a mix of messaging, tone and visual consistency.
Solution: A comprehensive strategic process kicked off the project that involved interviewing Gary Rabine, management and key employees of the different companies. It was important to understand these different offerings, and what expectations were for building a new site. After research, it was concluded “Engineered to give clients the edge” was the positioning statement. From that, concepts were presented that would focus on that message, and immediately would give users to the site a way of finding the solution that worked for them. Because of how much information was involved, we created a navigation system that would feature a top level that featured the services, with a second level of navigation that included information about the company. Working closely with their internal I.T. department and development, a new content management system was created that would allow the site to be maintained by different people as well as keeping a tighter control of the brand.