When mass production will not do
One of a kind style
Project: Exploring local antique stores, flea markets and garage sales in search of treasures to collect and refurbish, a local artisan wanted to expand her growing brand while positioning her company as part of the makers movement for clients that appreciate one-of-a kind unique pieces.
Challenge: Dstressed originally started as a furniture painting company and is growing towards a lifestyle brand. Taking classic vintage and infused with upscale chic, resulting in one-of-a-kind timeless creations, my client needed to reinforce the reclaimed spirit in a contemporary way. She needed to reinforce the company as offering items that cannot be purchased through mass production. This process began with an identity design created by another studio where she felt they were not understanding her needs and listening. After the Discovery process and a number of meetings, a clear foundation was presented that would allow her to refine her brand and create consistent messaging and visuals through multiple sources that included a strong online presence, social media, online shopping as well as creating print materials.
Solution: Using her extensive image library of past work and well as featuring new pieces, we selected works that best represented what the company was about. We wanted to create in 2D a reflection of the work. Using lots of woods and materials in earth tones, as well as leathers and jewels, we wanted all her materials to have a tactile feeling. A responsive website was created that allows for easy updates on new projects as well as expanding opportunities in the future as she takes on new projects.