Nothing tastes like home
Gelato Made local

Project: Sweet home gelato is a new gelato store opening in the tony suburbs of Highland Park and Naperville with a location during the summer on Chicago’s Riverfront.

Challenge:The owner wanted an identiy that was contemporary and easily identifiable to his upscale clients. Nothing overly whimsical, childish, or retro, as you often see with dessert companies.

Solution:The new store concept is both warm and sophisticated, and when developing the mark we wanted to make sure that it would work with his in store systems and environment. The name plays homage to “Sweet Home Chicago” while also conveying a local presence in the communities they serve. The icon was developed as both a symbol of the product and as a location marker, centering the point above the word “home”. The colors used play off the cooler colors associated with frozen desserts, with a mint as the gelato and a dark gray as the cone. Type used in the name is a clean modern type, all set in lower case, as we wanted to keep it approachable and sophisticated, just as the name suggests.