Brochure Design
Association House of Chicago serves a multi-cultural community by providing comprehensive, collaborative and effective programs that promote health and wellness and create opportunities for educational and economic advancement.
Project: To create a communication tool that would promote all the different programs and services into a system that can be flexible by allowing staff to include only information that would pertain to the individuals they were working with.
Solution: After meeting with the CEO and the staff, we learned that the work they do not only affected recipients of the services, but their families as well. For some involved, there were girls who got pregnant and dropped out of high school. Association House helped these girls get their GED as offered on site daycare to support them. Not only were they helping these girls, but their children as well. This lead to the theme of “Generations” which was supported with the rings of a tree, a metaphor to show generations, created in the bright colors of the organization. This allowed us to connect the brands’ current marketing and to enforce an idea rather just showing a particular individual.
Inside we created a flexible system of individual sheets that can be tucked in to the high level brochure, with more detailed information about a program. These pages also can work as stand alone promotions.