Interior Design
Brand Development
Challenge: Creating an identity that reflects the work of another designer.
Solution: One of the goals from the beginning was that the client wanted to create a mark that can work with and without the name. The owner was ready after 15 years in the industry to create a brand name for herself and her business. The name, GoGo, is taken from her last name, and the boots a symbol of inspiration. The colors used are complimentary colors, which highlights the designer’s strong sense of working with color and where featured in a photo shoot that produced images that really showed the designer’s unique design sensibilities. The tagline is turned on the side, to reinforce the designer’s unusual perspective and a way of looking at things with a different eye. Type used in the website is a mix of contemporary fonts based on classic styles, as well as the designer’s own handwriting to give it a personal touch.
The brand development process included:
  • identity design
  • style guide
  • stationary system
  • website design
  • direct mail
  • advertising
  • social media design