Of Mythical Creations
Redefining an Industry
The cannabis industry is going premium in packaging

I was approached by 7 Rays Marketing, a California firm that specializing in the cannabis industry, to  create a visual system and packaging for a client that would present their new product launch as a well-differentiated, premium retail cannabis brand. The cannabis industry is evolving, from medicinal and legal use to the way it is consumed, purchased, and presented. Demographics are shifting from the steadfast hippies of the 70s and the iconic use of rainbows and cannabis leaves to markets that include physicians and patients for medicinal use as well as recreational.

Phase 1
In the first phase 7 Rays worked with the client, that came to them with a preexisting name, Goldleaf, which they did not want to change. With a market already flooded with the use of  ‘Gold’ and ‘Leaf’ in their names, the challenge was to create a brand and identity that could stand apart from those products already on the market. A competitive analysis was completed and from there the brand positioning, which lent itself nicely to unique content creation centered around ancient myths, storytelling, and plant medicines like cannabis being used or reintroduced in the modern age. With a name already established, the tagline ‘Of Mythical Creations’ was created that would set the tone for the brand’s story. 
One of the more famous Greek Gods was Apollo, the God of Sun and the Art of Medicine, and his portrait would be used as the foundation for the logo. With a gold laurel leaf crown, as worn by Greek Gods, the mark was  designed to mimic an ancient gold coin featuring Apollo’s portrait, here made of cannabis leaves for subtle wit.

Phase 2
The unique concept with strong mystical and historical roots that brings the ancient into the modern was where I came in. Exploring the ideas of Greek mythology, Greece, and our audience, three different approaches to the brand and packaging were explored. The chosen direction was inspired by the turquoise blue of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and old apothecary labels that would allow space for growing information and amount as the packaging is used. Apothecary derives from the Ancient Greek word ἀποθήκη (apothḗkē, “a repository, storehouse”) via Latin apotheca (“repository, storehouse, warehouse”).  In the old Apothecary shops, herbal medicines, in various forms, were personally formulated and compounded, as directed by the patient’s physician.  Simple raw ingredients and/or preformulated standard preparations were mixed together in the right proportions, and in the right form, to produce the desired effect. (source) To reinforce the organic nature of the products, elements of nature were to be highlighted with the use of a dark wood. The color combination of dark brown with blue was both sophisticated and earthy. We had found that balance of ancient and modern. Images below show the three directions presented. Images shown are copyrighted by the creator.

Phase 3
With a direction chosen, refinement of the design was completed. This included sourcing manufacturers as well as creating brand guidelines to be used on other marketing materials as Goldleaf sets to launch. Crafting the strong presence included multiple channels as the brand started to roll out with both social media, print and online presence with a preliminary short run created for an event. Read a pdf of the case study.