Direct mail campaign
Communications that set your soul on fire
The spark of passion ignites the fuel for innovation

Project: Direct Mail Promotion

Challenge: This is a direct mail campaign designed to introduce myself and my work to other creative, a group that has seen it all, and with sophisticated taste.

Solution: Communications that set the soul on fire. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. The spark of passion ignites the fuel for innovation.

The concept was to reinforce my last name and the passion for design by using fire as the theme. This was done after a number of other branding pieces were developed so that driving individuals to this website would further reinforce the brand, design thinking, and aesthetic that sets me apart.

  • After the name was chosen, a tagline was created: all it takes is a single spark to get something started. It was important that the messaging be short, powerful, and action oriented.
  • A logo was developed, using the fire symbol with custom surface design.
  • Core marketing materials were designed which included business cards.
  • A website was developed with a curated portfolio selection as well as working with a writer.
  • Social media was reinforcing the work to build an audience and engagement. Facebook was updated to reflect these changes.

Once this work was completed, the direct mail campaign was designed. Even with a limited budget, there wasn’t a single element that wasn’t considered. The main piece is a small self promo, the size of a business card. Printed on a heavy card stock, this was then bound using screws and placed in a box with a couple of packs of matches that were designed using the brand colors, type and icons. The box itself uses the brand colors, and mailed in a white shipping box with branded mailing labels and messaging.