Pay now or pay later. Either way you’re going to pay.

The  proliferation of do it yourself websites has made it so that anyone with a computer can create their own. And with some great programs, I've seen some amazing work. For creatives they can give you a framework to showcase your portfolio. For those looking to sell online it's made the transaction process look seamless. However, there are some pit falls to the whole do it yourself idea. One is that you will be spending a huge amount of time learning, building, testing, and figuring out a system that you may abandon in a couple of years based on changing technology and needs. The time spent might have been better off hiring someone while you concentrated on getting new clients, working with current clients, or other ways to sell and market.
If time is money, than without realizing it, the site that didn't cost you any money to create, when translated to your time, just cost you a small fortune.
Just as important as the building the site is what you're putting out there. Are you writing the content yourself? Are you positioning yourself as an expert? Are you connecting to your clients? Their needs? Are you telling them about your services, and how you can help them? Are you hitting on their "pain points" or are you just tooting your own horn? Understanding that it's not about "you", but how you can help "them" is key.
Ok, so you're an expert. Tell me how that came to be. Your education. Your experience. Case Studies. Testimonials. Don't just say it, show it. Prove it. Back it up.