Brand Development for Tweens

Girl Be Great™ (GBG) as a lifestyle brand for girls between 6-12 years old that looks to empower girls with strong messages of internal self-perception on how girls engage with the world.

With stores like Justice and Victoria Secret’s PINK, there is an over-emphasis on pink colors, hearts, and sparkle clothing that doesn’t always feel appropriate with this age group. There is a level of frustration parent’s feel that some clothing feels lewd or inappropriate for this age and sends the wrong message.

The client knew that the core of the brand would center around a bee, much like Hello Kitty centers around the cat. This meant taking a look at different styles to express this foundational element that would than allow a flexible identity that works with this key element as well as having room to include other phrases as the brand grows. This brand has the opportunity to visually appeal to a generation of young girls and their parents with unique branded clothing and items that go beyond the stereotypes of what it means to be a girl. Everything created by GBG is meant to communicate a fresh idea of what it means to be an ‘all-around’ girl. The brand is about getting the most out of life by having a healthy and positive outlook on life.

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