2019 Annual Reports comes out in 2020. With the year that it was, and the disruption to everyone’s lives, the visual direction for The International Interior Design Association really focused on community. As the letter from Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA Executive Vice President and CEO says, “Now, in an era hallmarked by rapid change, economic irregularity, cultural shifts, and technological advancement, the ability of design and its practitioners to eternally remind us what it means to be human is essential. We know our role as an organization, a community, and professional network  is to continue championing the humanity of design, uplifting the people who make design possible, and ensuring that design remains inclusionary and accessible.”  

The design is based off of a typographical approach that deconstructed the word design. By deconstructing the letters, it allowed for unusual shapes and angles that mimicked the organizations foundational brand elements. Using these shapes created a container that could be used for photography or color blocks to weave throughout the spreads. As a membership organization with over 15,000 members, and with events across the country, pulling photography meant many hours looking for similar styles for a cohesive design. Colors used were bright but slightly toned down given the times. The end result was hopeful and inspiring.