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Campaign Design

The IIDA Industry Roundtable report, The Future of Place, Experience, and Worklife took place at BMW  Designworks in California. 

Bringing together design leaders for this three day event meant design had to be reflective of what they were going to experience. The aesthetic direction for this program was inspired by the space of Design Works, a BMW Group Company, which had a minimal and future feeling aesthetic. Their “goal is to create experiences that are rich in quality, impact and emotion.” Working with this information, and knowing that we would have event photography to use after the program was over, we sourced abstract black and white photography with an incredibly bold color palette and a modern san serif typeface used as both an art element and to convey information.

A mark was created that would be used as a visual cue for this specific program. As photography became available, the black and white theme continued along with the color palette to create a consistent visual direction. 


Inspired by this, we decided to begin the program using black and white abstract photography to mimic that space, with a color system that can compliment the photography and also act as visual cue to use those color palettes throughout the weekend to organize attendees into groups. As photography became available after the event, we converted all the images for post event marketing to match pre-event for continuity. Campaign included an email campaign, roundtable report, social media, packaging, wayfinding. Copyright IIDA.