Building a brand on the foundation of ethical conduct, emphasizing the shared goal of helping small businesses break free from the cycle of prohibitively expensive refinance in order to grow.

Deliverables: Brand Identity, Art Direction, Website Design

Breakout Capital is a business that provides alternative funding solutions to small businesses unable to secure capital through traditional avenues such as bank loans. A new entrant in a crowded market characterized by unseemly players emphasizing fast access to capital (with an implied cost), Breakout sought to differentiate with a transparent and affordable solution. 

The visual narrative developed for this company needed to represent a variety of types of small businesses. This meant creating a look and feel that would connect with a diverse group of people. We decided to focus on the owners themselves, shown in their particular working environment. Because of so much variety, it was important to pull together a cohesive image library that can be used to reinforce their growing brand on different mediums. We looked for similar style photography and lighting to connect these various pieces together and have a more personal feel as opposed to the big banks. A bright color palette was used to reinforce a more positive customer experience as well as the use of iconography that would give the company a more contemporary feel.