brand development for a design organization

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The IIDA brand was developed as a flexible system that was developed specifically for the creatives that will be using it. With an understand the need to keep ideas fresh, different, and always evolving. That design is not “one size fits all” and as technology, people, and the way we communicate and connect evolves, so does the brand.


The system developed embraces a new paradigm; How to create something unique and yet familiar. How do we move forward and yet still create a strong visual narrative that is distinctly IIDA? A brand guide we created details the design thinking behind the new visual voice while giving parameters to stay within so that there is some consistency between the thousands of marketing materials that are created each year by headquarters, chapters, and outside vendors. 

In order to transition from the old logo to the new identity, we presented to the Board of Directions a short animation to show the evolution as well as creating some conceptual work to show how the new brand would look applied to various marketing pieces as well as a comparison of how the new brand would be applied to the 35 chapters, city centers and campus centers in both print and social media.

The foundation of our brand is based on a system that consists of some of the foundational shapes you find in design. They contain lines, squares and triangles. How these shapes are used is up to the individuals creating new pieces. We think of them like bricks or building blocks that you can take apart, blow up, or use as containers for color, texture, and photography. 


With so much incredible interior design photography to work with, it felt that having a color palette as part of the brand detracted from the work the organization was showing that came from award winning design studios, architectural firms, and industry partners.

Instead of chosing colors that felt it was fighting against, we wanted to work with them. We did this buy keeping the logo to only black and white, which allows it to sit nicely against any photography, illustration, color or texture that it is against. This also allows the color palette of the pieces we create to be guided by what it is we are trying to communicate. This means that we can embrace as much or as little color as we wanted.

The foundational elements are meant as objects to build with, not pieces that limit your creativity.