Rooted is a Self Expression Center offers experiential classes and workshops using various creative activities and art forms (art, music, dance/movement, acting/improvisation, speaking, and writing) to allow people to connect to themselves and others in a non-judgment, free-to-be-yourself environment. The intention of the Center is not to produce pieces of art, music, or writing or to learn any techniques. Rather, it’s to experience oneself being free and being surrounded by others doing the same. The classes and workshops are tools to de-stress and nourish the soul on a regular basis. We needed to create a brand that featured these different creative aspects while not focusing on one in particular while showing that it is a creative place, but not about making art.

We held a creative mini session of are own where a group of people got together to create different pieces of art in different materials and styles that we used to form the basis of the brand. By having a variety of styles I pulled it into a system by creating a grid system that allowed for a more structured feeling while still having an organic edge.

A color palette was developed to support the vibrancy of the center. Type used was a combination of handwrittten to reinforce individuality as well as a more structured and clean san serif type to balance out the art. 


Since the center will be opening at the end of the summer, we launched the website a couple of months early to start to build up social media as well as a place for PR. The site was built using a responsive wordpress platform with integration with MindyBody for sign up, registration, and payments. To reinforce the experimental nature of the center, we created business cards that feature different words of inspiration about art and self expression that are different on each of the backs. The combination of words and art is the foundation for building this unique brand.