Duality, forming a contrast between two concepts explores how opposite or contrary forces are both interconnected and interdependent. By using black and white as the color palette, bold graphic images to reinforce the concept, and a casual narrative of personal experiences, statistics and quotes, the piece is a graphic narrative of a personal nature.

The piece evolved from an object study paper in which I looked at the objects in my space. I had come to the realization that in my life there have always been two very different sides. My internal spiritual quest is met with materialism. The serenity I seek is always in the midst of chaos. Each object in my space had an opposite. The sitting and serene Buddha was covered in layers of colored beads. The uncluttered desk contained piles of books underneath. My tiny house is shared with a giant dog. I realized that there are dualities which we can all understand. Sound and silence. More and less. These are all personal choices that we make. While the finished piece is personal, the over arching concepts are broad.