One of the biggest opportunities to have others market for you is in shopping bags. As customers leave your business after making a purchase, they’re carrying around a walking billboard promoting you. While working for a museum, it was a lost opportunity in that the bags that were being used the most did not include any information about the museum. In order to keep costs down, we decided to print these bags using one color. While photography can work, we found that an illustration that was well received on a recent t-shirt would be the perfect image. It combined two of the most beloved exhibits that families come to over and over again to see.

To further reinforce the museum, we added the tagline, “what would you find?” and emphasized the word you. We also answered that question by putting “4 million objects and specimens” on the smaller side of the bag. Further reinforcing the museum’s robust collections that are not only part of the exhibits. Adding the logo and website was included to reinforce the brand. Paper used was natural kraft. Most of these bags were used in the store Haymarket, an old time candy store which is part of the beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee Exhibit.

Bag 0035 2019-07-19

Image Copyright: Milwaukee Public Museum.