Developing an identity for Rivermaker, a group of strategic marketers who believe that compelling visual stories have the power to drive buying behaviors and decisions. They embrace technology but are not technologists. Combining insight, strategy and story to create more engaging, meaningful, memorable experiences that move people, they build brands and drive business results.

Looking to the origin of the word “rivermaker”, which was inspired by the Native American belief that all things in life are interconnected, from the wind and rain to people and animals, with mindfullness and respect built into all of their interactions with the world, this idea was a core in the beliefs of the business philosophy that needed to be reflected in this identity. This concept was visually interpreted by first creating a strong mark made from watercolors, creating a more organic approach than just a flood of color that you see so much in today’s flat design. Using the symbol of water, the three curves, has a sense familiarity that speaks to history and experience, was reversed out in the blue, further reinforcing a limitless reach. The type used in the name is a san serif, to balance out the mark and aligns with the base on the water to create a strong foundation.