Experiential Marketing Campaign

art direction | design

When thousands of designers and manufacturers gather to one of the largest design events in the world, it’s not easy to stand out in such a competitive field. Given that some businesses don’t have products to feature, it makes getting traffic even more difficult. 

Which is why this year it was decided to be part of the event from the outside. Meaning, the opportunity presented itself to part of Boardwalk experience just outside the building, where attendees were given the chance to unwind. Along with creating some brand awareness, we took it a step father with design tours to some of the city’s most fascinating and new places. Creating an experience that went beyond the walls of a building, while still be connected.


A Chicago Trolley was wrapped with the IIDA brand and took visitors throughout the city to different locations to get a behind the scenes look at new projects led by the Architects and Interior Design Professionals that created them.