I was brought in as the art director for the Milwaukee Public Museum, a newly created position that would entail looking at 125 years of marketing with four different branding programs. I accessed consultants reports, outside vendor assessments, voices/personality from marketing and profiles from membership as well as a brand survey in order to understand the history, voices, departments and programs that the museum offered.  

The end result was coming up with a cohesive system that integrates a robust variety of programs while keeping the strongest elements of the brand for the equity that it has and unifying the look and feel of all materials into a system that reinforces the Museum first. All work should be identifiable as coming from the museum and not a program or exhibit which may have their own identifiable characteristics. The goal is to create a strong and identifiable brand that connects with people.


This included:

• How we use messaging

• Color

• Photography

• llustration

The question: What will you find? was already in place. However, it wasn’t being used to the fullest extent. To explore this further, the word you was bolded, and besides asking the question, we took it once step farther and answered it. It was an opportunity to reinforce all the amazing things you would find, including the opportunity to show off the extensive size of the collections. The color palette was refined to allow for some flexibility and freedom to come up with work that is fresh and inspiring. Orange was chosen as the main color because it is fresh, contemporary, gender neutral, and stands out from many of the artifacts that happen to darker. It was recommended to use images using photography, featuring a mix of people in various ages, diversity, and genders. Photography with people should have a natural, almost documentary style feel as if we are capturing an experience, and not someone looking into the camera with a forced smile.

We wanted to reinforce an authentic experience and ideally wanted to see people interacting in some way with objects or others in the museum.

Play animation with sound.

Bag 0035 2019-07-19

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