The City of Chicago chose 12 designs centered on the belief that graphic design can affect positive change. The City’s Sustainability Program wanted to see designs that were powerful, attention-grabbing and memorable incorporating what it means for Chicago to be a sustainable city, bringing the City’s motto “Urbs in horto” (Latin for ‘City in a Garden’) to life. The designs selected would be inspiring, engaging and ultimately, create a call to action for residents to make a difference in our community.

Using a water color of flowers made by my 9 year old daughter, I altered the background into an organic texture and adjusted the colors for full vibrancy so that they were no longer identifiable as a particular flower. Using circles to represent the diversity of people in the city, I then felt it was important as a world class city to feature the skyline in some way. Because the skyline is such a recognized symbol, I wanted to treat it in a manner that was more expression and abstract than the typical literal representations of the city. Type used was a mix of my own handwriting and an elegant serif type in different sizes to reinforce a playful and lively feeling. These were put on bus stations, L Stations, and Newspaper Stands throughout Chicago.