Brand Development for a new program that will offer an interdisciplinary approach for children ages 6-12 and 13-18 that will offer tools and resources for lifestyle changes by incorporating nutrition, behavior modification and exercise.

Deliverables: Brand Identity, Art Direction, Website Design, Print Collateral

While most programs similar to this are hospital based, this program is about creating an environment that will be comforting and nonthreatening. Often times overweight kids feel uncomfortable going into a gym. The target audience is those in the medical field such as doctors, therapists, psychologist, psychiatrists as well as parents. While this is a program for children, it really needs to speak to the adults who are the decision makers. 

The final approach is a visual system that incorporates the use of black and white photography with the targeted demographic as well as illustration to create a dynamic and energetic visual system that will work on multiple mediums and has a positive tone while still being professional. From the identity that was created to represent the sun, being bright, and positive from the inside out, to the lower case use of type in the name, the goal was to be approachable, gender neutral, and welcoming. The use of the mother and concerned daughter on the home page shows that there is a parental role in the program, and the kids chosen are a variety of weights and genders, shown with a positive attitude. The entire experience, parental support, and group support, all reinforce that this is about building positive attitudes and healthy habits for a lifetime.