Design Fireside is the work of Susan Fireside, an award winning multi-disciplinary designer whose practice focuses on the full brand experience

Multi-disciplinary creative with a focus on creating modern and engaging experiential marketing for the full brand experience. The work here is intentional and strategic while also aesthetically strong and beautiful. Constantly asking “why” and “what if” as my work is about big-picture thinking to capture the nuance of intricate details of the brand.

From design associations to museums, studios to agencies, from start-ups to educator, experience has given the opportunity to see many different sides of the design/marketing and sales process. Every project starts with questions to fully understand client’s goals, to set expectations, and to deliver results. Learn about the process.

Web Design and BrandingWeb Design and Branding
Direct MailDirect Mail
Museum Video Creative DirectionMuseum Video Creative Direction
Experiential Marketing CampaignExperiential Marketing Campaign
Brand and Identity DesignBrand and Identity Design

Here the status quo is challenged to think strategically about visual innovation while defining and maintaining visual standards. Understanding the culture around us helps inform the work and to create communications that connect. Being part of the design community, marketing, culture at large keeps our pulse on what’s next. What’s now. And what it can be.